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Legality of Gambling in Various Countries

Online gambling has been developed and is considered legal in some places, however in other countries it is still in the development stage and not regarded as legal. Many places have to still legalize the online betting and mainly the types like online sports betting or online poker. If you are new into this world, you should go through the guides explaining you the points of legalization regarding online gaming of your country.


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It is good to know which countries favor for casino and which countries are against it. In addition to this, sometimes it becomes a complex issue and sometimes this system keeps on changing.  Nevertheless, always keep a guide with you to get updated regularly.

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Mentioned below is the quick guide to know about the status of internet gambling of some countries, have a peep into it and know the status of various countries.

    • Antigua & Barbuda: Internet gambling is legal over here.
    • Argentina: Internet gambling was previously banned here, but in October 2008, it became a hit. However untaxed and unregulated internet gambling was again banned, and now the government is thinking to revere the ban.
    • Belgium: In 2002, online gambling has been legalized here. However, EU I imposing pressure in this country to open into international market of gambling.
    • Brazil: In Brazil, online gambling is not fully legalized. You cannot find any gambling sites over here as government has banned it. Nevertheless, you can enjoy a lottery game here as it is legal.
    • Canada: The status in Canada about online gambling is still undetermined. However, the citizens of Canada can enjoy online gambling in other countries.
    •  China: Internet gambling is banned over here. Only lottery and sports lottery is considered legal. But, Hong Kong and Macau are famous for online gambling.
    • Denmark: Danish Authority of Gambling has legalized internet gambling over here.
    • India: The status is undetermined over here, but Goa is a popular game in India for online gambling.
    • Japan: Japanese government has not granted any license to the gambling websites, hence it is banned.
    • Mauritius: The government has issues licenses here in the year 2002.
    • Romania: Here, the status is undetermined over here.
    • Saudi Arabia:  Online gambling is completely banned over here.
    • United Kingdom: Internet gambling is legalized in UK.
    • Switzerland: Internet gambling has been banned in this country.


    Before you start playing at a casino you better check if gambling online is legal from your country, after doing an extensive search on the web we found for you a cool service by OnlineCasinoReports.com which gives you the online gambling legal status for over 80 different countries. Click here to check if online gambling is legal from your country.


Informative Facts About Responsible Gambling

Gambling is considered legal and the best entertainment form in the present world by the millions of gamblers from across the globe. Besides having an entertainment factor, gambling also involves a spirit of responsibility among the adults. You can have a thrilling competition with other players from your sweet home, and also enjoy the friendship and have fun with other community members.

Nevertheless many players share a common viewpoint that they enjoy gambling and also feel responsible at times; they are some underage players who take gambling as a serious part in their lives.

An online gambling site is said to be responsible when it is regarded as an important part in the large community involving its values. Therefore, OnlineGambling.com has no access to the minors and is known to control compulsive gambling. On each and every page of the site, you would see a notification of ‘above 18 only’, and links to websites having information about responsible gambling. We always check that our visitors are informed about resources as well as some recommendations, some are mentioned below for you, have a look.

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Minors having no access

Due to the universal fact of internet, one cannot check physically the age of the person and prevent him or her to have access if he or she is a minor. But, parents can always explain their kids about the gambling sites and prevent them to access the sites in some ways as mentioned below.

  • You can create different profiles for your kids on your personal computers.
  • Parents are supposed to hide their e-wallet and credit card information from their kids.
  • You can also make use of protection software to monitor what your children are doing on the internet; one popular software is Net Nanny.
  • Never use ‘save password’ on the gaming software installed on the computer system.

Control compulsive gambling

  You can control compulsive gambling by educating your family and friends. Read the following points to control gambling.

    • Consider gambling as only a means of entertainment and not to earn money.
    • Gamble only when you have enough money to lose.
    • Always track your money and time during gambling.
    • Ask help if you need it anytime.
    • Try to use limit tools and self exclusion tools provided by the gambling operators online.
    • Spend your money as entertainment and never run along your losses. Consider your every win as an amount of bonus.